Why choose Unique Foundation School| As Champions of Christ We Arise and Shine!


  • Unique Foundation School is equipped with a wide range of courses. Academic excellence is demonstrated through our strong college acceptance list and success of our students as they matriculate to a wide number of colleges and universities.
  • Our small class sizes allow teachers to identify struggling students early and provide academic support outside of class to help all students find success.


    • We seek to develop a love for learning in our students through engagement and simulated as well as real life situations.
    • Unique Foundation is more than just academic learning, it allows teachers to take on the role of mentors to develop character and ethics as pupils and students mature into young adults in preparation for tertiary institutions.
    • Teachers regularly integrate technology in lessons, projects, and assessments so students are prepared for their future where technology is a tool and resource they can use to accomplish their goals. We seek to use students' high school experience to prepare the next generation for life, which embodies much more than just academic excellence. We teach scholarship alongside character, integrity, joy, leadership, and other Christian values.
    • Student leadership is active in the life of the high school, providing many opportunities for students to have hands on leadership experiences.

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