• Nursery One Class

    Children who have attained the age of 24 months by August 31st of the subsisting year move to the Nursery 1 class which is the beginning of formal school. This is also the transition class to a much more structured environment of formal school.
  • Academically, the children in the Nursery one class learn to recognize the alphabets and each alphabet sound. They also begin to recognize number 1-10. They work on pre-writing skills with emphasis on correct pencil grip.
  • There are also lots of art and music activities, story-telling, basic comprehension skills. We begin to bring the world into the classroom with a lot of visually engaging, interactive activites online using the overhead projectors in the classroom. The children get to experience first-hand most of their learning with controlled teacher involvement.
  • Depending on the number of children who move from the playgroup class in any particular years, we sometimes have two classes in this year group. We ensure we maintain a maximum class size of 10 pupils in the nursery one class with a maximum child teacher ratio of 1:5
  • Nursery Two Classes

    Pupils are admitted into the Nursery two class when they have attained the age of 3 years as at August 31st of the specific year of enrollment. Reception class is the final year of our nursery school as our children progress onto primary school by September of the succeeding year. Pupils in this class are usually between 4-5 years old.
  • We specifically prepare them for entrance examinations into primary schools of their choice and we have over the years recorded 100% success in getting admissions for all our graduating pupils into various top notch primary schools.
  • The curriculum in use is strictly the British National curriculum. The popular and effective Jolly Phonics series is used to teach phonics at both levels.

Curriculum in Use

Unique Foundation uses an integrated curriculum principally based on the British National Curriculum but with a Nigerian flavor. The pupils' stages of progression is based on Key Stages and for the Nursery School, we use the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. This curriculum has six basic strands, which are;.


Our method of instruction, resources and materials are based on the British Curriculum..

The Nigerian element ties in in the areas of current affairs, social studies and in some of the materials used (Like using naira and kobo in numeracy instead of Pounds sterling and pennies). To learn more about the British EYFS curriculum. Our method of instruction, resources and materials are based on the British Curriculum. To learn more about the British EYFS curriculum.

School Policies

School Policies and Guidelines

The school is a Christian school founded on CHRIST JESUS, the Solid Rock on which we stand. We welcome children from other religions but they’ll share in our teachings based on biblical principles. [more]